A 2005 Pierce Custom Chassis Contender. This truck is equipped with a 1500 gpm pump and a 1000 gallon water tank.


A 2007 International 4 wheel drive truck built by Pierce called a "Wildland Urban Interface." This truck was specifically designed to help departments get to areas that are not accessible to normal engines but at the same time, when the same equipment is needed.


A 2007 Pierce XT Arrow with a 1500 gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank. The truck has a complete assortment of extrication equipment and specialized rescue equipment.

1604 & 1605

1604 and 1605 are both 2006 Kenworth Tankers built by Pierce. These trucks carry 3000 gallons of water and have a 500 gpm pump.


A 1974 Dodge with a wild land skid unit used for natural cover fires.


A 2003 Pierce Quantum 75 foot Ladder Truck with a 2000 gpm pump.


A 1995 Freightliner Precision Fire Apparatus, 1500 gpm Darley-Champion pump, and a 1000 gallon water tank.


A 2002 International Precision Fire Apparatus. This truck is equipped with a 1250 gpm pump and an 1800 gallon water tank.


A Ford Ambulance converted for the use of fire ground rehab services for fire district personnel.

Founded as a volunteer fire department in 1970, and becoming a Fire Protection District in 1988, the Holts Summit Fire Protection District has been proudly serving the citizens of Southwest Callaway County for more than 40 years. The department currently has two fire stations serving our citizens. Station 1, located at the intersection of Center Street and South Summit in Holts Summit, houses the departments administrative staff, primary response apparatus, and training facility/community room. Station 2, located at the intersection of Highway AA and County Road 4044, houses additional apparatus.

Holts Summit Fire Protection District
557 South Summit Drive
Holts Summit, MO 65043
(573) 896-4589

Photographs taken by Christy Sevart

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