Holts Summit Fire Protection District
557 South Summit Drive, Holts Summit, MO
Non-Emergency: (573) 896-4589

    Do you live in the Holts Summit area? Are you interested in serving your community? If so, then we need you! The Holts Summit Fire Protection District is a volunteer organization, and we are always looking for individuals willing to assist us in serving the community. There are many ways to be a part of our organization, regardless of your age or skill level. Our Explorer program provides volunteer oportunities for young men and women ages 14-21. Our Auxilliary program provides opportunities for those that wish to serve on the department in a support role. Our Firefighter program provides the opportunity for those willing to serve in a more direct active role in fire suppression and medical assistance. The department provides all training and equipment for those willing to serve. If you are interested, please click on the following link and apply today!

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Check our Calandar for Upcoming Training and Events

Core Values of the Department


The Department continues its unwavering call to protect and serve.


Bravery is the ability to overcome fear through fortitude, instinct, compassion for others and training.


We strive to keep our citizens free from danger, especially deliberate, harmful acts. With the best equipment and training, the Department can reduce the risk to the public and its members at fires, emergencies and medical incidents.


The enormous commitment necessary to perform the Department’s tasks requires excellence of character. We inspire each other through pride in our unit, which is a belief that every action reflects on all the members of the unit, both past and present.


A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of our code of conduct. The faithful observance of duty calls for us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.


By combining all of the components of our core values, the HSFPD will maintain its constant state of readiness to meet all threats and challenges, traditional and new.

Comments/Concerns: comments@hsfpd.org

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